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This package is an extended version with android support and the most common devices ready to use without the need to read the ant doc or even to code anything.

if you need some help, send me an email and I'll be glad to help!

NOW works on Android !

includes ready to use prefabs for Cadence , Heart rate, speed, Power Meter, Speed & Cadence and Fitness Equipment.

The prefabs are ready to use on pc, mac and ant+ equiped phones

The android plugin can use the built-in device selection UI by setting the useAndroidUI boolean to true on the prefabs. On PC and Mac you can connect to the first device found or get a list of found sensors.

If you use multiple prefabs with autoconnect, the java plugin will queue the request and connect to the sensor one by one.

The ant+ Android plugin will let you connect to premade device profiles, you cannot create your own custom Ant devices with it or access anything the plugin is not coded for.

If you need any specific event from a device not implemented yet by the plugin, send me an email and I will add it if possile

Here are the events the android plugin forwards to Unity for each sensor for now:

All sensors :isDisconnected , StateChange , ConnectEvent

Cadence sensor: Receive_calculatedCadence

Speed & Cadence sensor: Receive_calculatedCadence, Receive_calculatedSpeed, Receive_CalculatedAccumulatedDistance

Speed sensor: Receive_calculatedSpeed, Receive_CalculatedAccumulatedDistance

Power Meter sensor: Receive_calculatedPower, Receive_calculatedCadence

Heart Rate sensor: Receive_computedHeartRate

Fitness Equipment: Receive_instantaneousHeartRate, Receive_elapsedTime, Receive_instantaneousSpeed, Receive_cumulativeDistance, Receive_trainer_instantaneousPowe, Receive_trainer_instantaneousCadence

SetTrainerResistance(resitance %)




SetTrainerUserConfiguration( weight...)

Minimum Android version: 5.0.1

Requires Unity 5.3.2 or higher.

Read data from any ANT+ sensor in your unity application

new in patch 1.02
- USB dongle disconnect notification and auto reconnect
- multi bike speed display example
- FE-C bike trainer resistance change demo
- FAQ in readme.txt

Multi channel ready

Background search

For mac OSX, windows 32 and 64 bits

Based on the NET demo, this package includes the ANT_WrappedLib.dll built for win 32 and win 64 and a wrapper bundle for Mac OS.

A demo scene shows how to create a HR sensor to broadcast data, a bike speed display and a background search simultaneously

The FIT library is also included to encode and decode activities.


• ant-m or ant usb2 dongle or compatible phone required

• will not work on IOS

• you need to register for free on thisisant.com and become a ANT+ Adopter for devices documentation and network key for use on PC and MAC


( you can skip that part and just put the prefab on your scene)

1. Init the device

2. Subscribe to device event
AntManager.Instance.onDeviceResponse += OnDeviceResponse;

3. Open a channel with device configuration

4. Subscribe to response and data event
myChannel.onReceiveData += ReceivedAntData;
myChannel.onChannelResponse += OnChannelResponse;

Bicycle performance simulator

This package helps you to compute the speed a bicycle can move by entering the leg power in watts from the rider.

By using the air drag, rolling resistance and gravity equations, we can accuratly calculate at what speed a bicycle would move.

The 2 main methods are:

SetPower(power) , to move the bike and get the resulting speed<BR>

GetpowerforSpeed(speed), to get the needed power so the bike can reach the given speed.

One of the many applications of this simulation is to make a bike move on the screen by inputing the power from a real bike (home trainer) and get realistic results

A demo scene is using a Spline Controller to move a bike with various power input and speed.The slope will affect the speed, power input, acceleration and braking in realtime.

A 3D bike model and animated rider are also included

Published Oct 05, 2016
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